Things you heard while you were pregnant but decided to do differently

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Being a mother is a wish of every woman and going through this phase is somewhat complicated as they have to follow instructions from others. Everyone tries to share their experiences to facilitate others, but that myths and tips are not good always, so I thought to do some different. The following things are commonly heard by females while they are pregnant as I do:

  1. Don’t do exercise and take more rest during pregnancy.
  2. You should take more fats it will be safe for your child.
  3. Don’t eat sweets they are not good for you and child.
  4. You shouldn’t take medicines/ supplements as they have side effects too
  5. The more you’ll gain more you and child will be healthy
  6. Lie at specific side; it will help baby to grow healthier and gender
  7. Don’t travel or fly, as this don’t help in pregnancy
  8. Regular check-ups are fatigue, so it’s better to be at home because travelling during pregnancy is not good.
  9. Sex during pregnancy may lead to miscarriage
  10. Sea foods are not good and shouldn’t be consumed

Above are few common things that our mothers/ elders usually told us to get a healthy child, but I found few of them unhealthy. Instead of going with the flow I have adopted following things, and they are superb:

  • Exercise:

Exercise is vital during pregnancy for mother and foetus both. It works great and has a positive impact on your mood and health. Yoga is an excellent exercise that one can do easily, there are some specific practices too that are specifically created for pregnant females. These activities are safe too.

  • A Balanced diet and seafood:

When it comes to the matter of food, there are few myths that eating high-fat diet is good, but it’s not okay. Fruits, vegetables and mineral fortified foods were included in my diet regime. I also have added seafood in my diet because there are lots of good fatty acids in them, but don’t exceed from 12 ounces per week.

  • Supplements and folic acid:

Supplements are imperative, and one must take them because one life is dependent upon you. Calcium, iron and omega fatty acids supplements should be taken when pregnant. Folic acid is essential for neural development, and its deficiency may be lethal for the child.

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol:

I avoid caffeine and alcohol because they are unhealthy for body and after a certain amount they leas to risk of miscarriage, so these should be avoided for a healthy pregnancy

  • Eat cooked food

Raw foods and unpasteurized milk should be avoided as they may cause food poisoning or certain other illnesses.

Never compromise on your health especially when you have other life linked to you, so always live a healthy life. Because if you are healthy baby will be healthy, but talk to your doctor before doing exercise. Have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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