10 signs that you are a mom

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I have lived in an ample of places thus far in my life, however moving to U.S a year ago has been an amazing experience for my family. The U.S has such a rich blend of beautiful excellence, differing social qualities, and career opportunity like nothing I have ever observed.

I've also seen a few things from a mother's point of view that makes this territory exceptionally, how about we only say, "one of a kind." That is the reason today I'm uncovering ten signs that you are a mom living in the U.S.

  1. You have layers of kids’ clothing strewn all over the place; your car, stuffed under your stroller, in your diaper pack, and obviously everywhere throughout the front room. The microclimate Marvel is a genuine article, and it's basic that you have layers open at all circumstances! The majority of the above additionally applies to umbrellas.
  2. You've mastered the specialty of making shopping, bottles and getting dressed with only one hand.
  3. You have a pile of child nursing/resting/swaddling books so high; you could utilize it as a side table (and possibly you do!)
  4. Off the highest point of your head, you can consider no less than 20 people you know who work in tech. Furthermore, you are almost confident that the show, "Silicon Valley" was composed about you or your companion or your neighbor's real genuine living. Additionally, your little children are already way faster on the tablet than you will ever be.
  5. You, at last, get around to doing your hair and are stunned at to what extent it is. Regardless it's quite recently that you haven't seen it down in months as you are occupied in dealing with your children.
  6. You've been inquired 7,000 times if you've joined Golden Gate Mothers Group.
  7. You've gone to workshops just to make sense of how to get your children into school.
  8. You have accepted the reality that your compost bin is three times the size of your waste can, and have stopped up writing letters to the city asking permission to please compost your dirty diapers.
  9. Happy hour has become the 60 minutes during your kids going to bed and you going to bed.
  10. You'd preferably have a 103-degree fever than watch one of your children suffer with it.

As moms, we all have snapshots of dissatisfaction and stress – moments where we feel we are disappointments and just not good enough.

If you can see ONE of these ten signs throughout your life – you should realize that you, much the same as the ladies above, are doing a good job.

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